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Sealing and Expungements

West Palm Beach Sealing and Expungements

A blemish on your criminal record could have a severe impact on your life. It is common practice for employers and even landlords to conduct a criminal background check on you before you are considered for a job or approved to live in a certain community. Depending on the final outcome of your criminal case you may be able to get your case sealed or expunged.
Contact us to speak directly with an attorney to discuss if you are eligible to have your case sealed or expunged. We offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

What is the difference between Sealing and Expungments?
  • Sealing: If your case is sealed it basically means that the public is not able to access your record through government databases. Therefore, employers, landlords, and other layman will likely not be able to gain access to your record. However, most, if not all, government agencies, including the police, military, and other law enforcement, may be able to gain access to your criminal records even if they are sealed.
  • Expunction: If your case is expunged those government entities that would have access to your sealed record would be advised that the record has been expunged and they would not have access to the record without court order.
Who qualifies for sealing/expunction?

Generally, any person who has NOT been adjudicated guilty (convicted) of a crime, as an adult, who has not previously had a record sealed or expunged may qualify. Certain crimes are not eligible to be sealed or expunged. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your case and to see if you are eligible to have your case sealed or expunged.