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Don’t be intimidated by the charges filed by the Government. The Law Offices of Prestia|Holtz P.A. is staffed with a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers who can provide knowledgeable, experienced, and aggressive representation for your criminal case. Don’t face the government alone. Call our office to speak directly to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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The attorneys of Prestia|Holtz P.A. are former prosecutors who understand how the government thinks and approaches each case. We use our prosecutorial experience, coupled with years of criminal defense experience to create a defense strategy tailored to your individual case!

A criminal conviction can ruin your life. It can strip you of certain guaranteed rights, hamper your ability to obtain a job, and terminate your driving privileges. The attorneys of Prestia|Holtz P.A. will aggressively defend your case leaving no stone unturned.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, arrested, or believe you are being investigated by the police or the government, contact our offices immediately to speak directly to an attorney. We offer an initial FREE CONSULTATION where you can discuss your matter with one of our seasoned criminal defense lawyers.

Why hire a criminal defense attorney?

You need to take the necessary steps to ensure that your future and rights are safeguarded. You can trust in the attentive guidance we provide and the devotion we offer to fight for your best interests. We always develop close relationships with our clients so that they can have confidence in the legal protection we offer. Contact Prestia Holtz P.A. at your earliest convenience to begin pursuing a positive outcome.

If you are facing a DUI charge, call Prestia Holtz P.A. today! We can aggressively defend you in court, and make sure that you have the benefit of any and all defenses that apply to your individual case. Call (561) 360-3785 right away to learn more about how we can help and to set up a Read Free 30 minute case evaluation!

Recent Victories

Violation of Probation-Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

1) An arrest warrant was issued for client’s arrest on grounds that client violated the terms of DUI probation by picking up a subsequent charge. Our office immediately filed an emergency motion to set bond and within 24 hours Attorney Scott Holtz successfully argued the motion and was able to get the client released from custody. Ultimately, Attorney Thomas M. Prestia was able to show sufficient evidence to the State Attorney’s office for the violation of probation charges to be dismissed and the client was reinstated to complete probation.

2) Charges Dismissed

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Client Testimonials

An attorney that will work for you

Thomas gave me the confidence and guidance I needed during my DUI case. He was always available to take my calls and gave me good advice along with patience and trust. I strongly recommend Thomas Prestia if you are looking for a competent attorney. N from WPB

Thomas Manager

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Personally Handling All Cases

When you work with Prestia Holtz P.A., you can rest assured that you will be working directly with your attorney. You will never be passed off to a paralegal. We are truly committed to the best interests of our clients, so we will do whatever it takes to protect your rights.

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